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Lowbit Records presents Pocket Aces


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Thu. 23rd of Jun 2011 URL Bookmark

Kenneth Thomas and Torin are back on Lowbit Records. This time around, the two have teamed up to deliver a new collaboration single, Pocket Aces.

Just over a year ago, Lowbit Records was privileged to behold a unique and darker side of Kenneth Thomas (Perfecto, Hope, Myth). The "Rife With It" single was released gathering tremendous support, and being remixed by a superb LA based DJ/Producer, Torin (Lowbit, Looq).

This time around, the two have teamed up to deliver a new collaboration single, "Pocket Aces". Once again, Kenneth and Torin show us their darker side with "Pocket Aces" a track that is heavy on the rhythmic percussive elements, clean melodies and deep sub-bassline.

Back again on Lowbit is one of our favourite producers at the moment, Andrea Cassino. Presenting a more techy approach to his remix of "Pocket Aces", he skilfully blends the original rhythmic percussion with fresh sounding chords and piano stabs, a deep bassline and funky drums.

Joining the Lowbit family is Rodrigo Melo from Brazil with his remix of "Pocket Aces". Putting some straight up funk into it with a bouncy bassline, lucid melodic bleeps and propelling drums, this mix will definitely bring you to your feet.

Also welcoming to the label, Canadian producer Nick Cenik, who rounds of the release with his interpretation of "Pocket Aces". Nick takes the track to a whole new direction with a dark droning bassline, straightforward percussive elements and transparent melody. Something for those dark drenched underground dance floors!

Kenneth Thomas & Torin - Pocket Aces
Release date 4th July 2011
Label Lowbit Records

1. Kenneth Thomas & Torin - Pocket Aces
2. Kenneth Thomas & Torin - Pocket Aces (Andrea Cassino Remix)
3. Kenneth Thomas & Torin - Pocket Aces (Rodrigo Melo Remix)
4. Kenneth Thomas & Torin - Pocket Aces (Nick Cenik Remix)

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