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Lowbit Records presents Ghalantomos


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Sun. 17th of Jul 2011 URL Bookmark

Kassey Voorn has quickly become a staple fixture of the progressive house scene with his sublime production work. This is the Ghalantomos EP.

Kassey Voorn has quickly become a staple fixture of the progressive house scene with his sublime production work. Not only has he just remixed the legendary Nick Muir, he also recently won the Bedrock Guy J remix competition as well as previously having won the Cocoon Guy Gerber remix competition. We are delighted to have Kassey back on Lowbit with 2 brand new tracks.

"Ghalantomos" carries Kassey's signature sound right from the start with its snappy kick and rhythmic chords. Combining a deep and rumbling bassline and slowly building pads with atmospheric elements, this track takes its time to build up to a climax - but when it does, it does so with force!

"Garry's Kitty" is the second original from Kassey for this release and it starts out in similar way to "Ghalantomos" with slowly building drums, a deep and vibrating bassline and beautifully sculpted atmospheric elements; but its focuses on heavy side-chained pads and smooth melodies makes it stand out from its sonic sibling.

Deepfunk - a regular on the Lowbit roster and the winner of the Bedrock Marco Bailey remix competition - works his magic on "Ghalantomos" and delivers a super smooth and deep rendition of the track. With warm and lush pads, straightforward drums and slightly distorted melodies, Deepfunk has moulded it into something really special.

Hot on the heels of his remix for Nick Warren, Argentinian producer and DJ Mike Griego delivers his first remix for Lowbit. Taking a different tack to the original, Mike takes it more minimalistic and up-tempo and produces a superb dance floor track full of energy.

Kassey Voorn - Ghalantomos
Release date 27th July 2011
Label Lowbit Records

1. Kassey Voorn - Ghalantomos
2. Kassey Voorn - Garry's Kitty
3. Kassey Voorn - Ghalantomos (Deepfunk Remix)
4. Kassey Voorn - Ghalantomos (Mike Griego Remix)

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