Little Helpers 200 by Alexi Delano & Butane. Photo by: Little Helpers
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Little Helpers 337 by Butane & Riko Forinson


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Sun. 30th of Dec 2018 URL Bookmark

Label boss Butane partners up with Little Helpers favourite Riko Forinson as the pair delivers a collection of debut collaborations for Little Helpers 337.


Since its inception in 2009, Andrew Rasse aka Butane and Sean O’Neal aka Someone Else’s Little Helpers imprint has remained a must-visit label for DJs within the house and techno world. Offering releases packed full of both stand-alone productions and groove-heavy DJ tools, the conceptual imprint now turns to one of its founders partnered alongside one of its core artists in young Italian talent Riko Forinson to deliver an eight track package that digs deeper than your usual Little Helpers EP, offering pockets of melody and striking sound design whilst ultimately remaining functional and fitting the core label brief - to work for DJs.

Butane and Forinson’s opening pair of tracks set the tone immediately, opting for dreamy, rich chords to partner rolling percussive grooves as opposed to the stripped back aesthetics many have come to know them for, before floating into the 303 driven bassline of Little Helper 337-3, or the hypnotic vocal hooks and growling bass tones of 337-4, with the pair firmly switching up the aesthetic.

Little Helper 337-5 offers an instant injection of energy as the duo pair swirling synth lines amongst crisp drum licks and resonant vocal chants and murmurs, whilst 337-6 and 337-7 build on this shift in liveliness with well worked percussion arrangements, stuttered vox’s and further deep yet driving synth work. Last up, Rasse and Forinson strip things back, offering an expertly positioned slice of soul, closing out the package in style with a medley of metallic and organic percussion licks, rich female vocals and snaking grooves throughout - it’s Little Helpers but probably as you’ve never heard before through a perfect demonstration of soulful yet dynamic house music.

Butane & Riko Forinson - Little Helpers 337
Release Date
December 2018
Label Little Helpers

1. Little Helper 337-1
2. Little Helper 337-2
3. Little Helper 337-3
4. Little Helper 337-4
5. Little Helper 337-5
6. Little Helper 337-6
7. Little Helper 337-7
8. Little Helper 337-8

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