Leftroom Records presents 10 Years of Leftroom. Photo by: Leftroom Records
PHOTO BY Leftroom Records

Leftroom Records presents 10 Years of Leftroom


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Wed. 23rd of Dec 2015 URL Bookmark

Matt Tolfrey's Leftroom celebrates 10 Years of Leftroom - a selection of exclusive tracks, remixes and collaborations from the label family.

A defining factor in the careers of artists like Laura Jones, Subb-an, Audiojack, Jasper James and Kate Simko as well a home from home for established acts like DJ Bone, Jay Haze and Steve Lawler, Leftroom is undoubtedly one of the UK’s most influential house/techno imprints. Always pushing forward, adapting and influencing movements within electronic music, Leftroom and it’s label boss Tolfrey count an enormous amount of DJs, clubs and punters as fans, evident when glancing over tour dates or glowing promo reaction sheets.

The ten tracks of ’10 Years of Leftroom’ neatly encapsulate what the label is and has been about - underground music that reflects the discerning taste of its curator. There’s new material from label boss Matt Tolfrey, who collaborates with Route 94, Guti and Hearthrob, there are updates on career defining cuts from Audiojack and Kate Simko plus heavyweight remixes from Chez Damier, Optimo and Mr. Fingers.

Accompanying the 10 tracks will be a mix from Tolfrey himself and a 10 Years of Leftroom tour, having already checked in at a handful of festivals and overseas club shows, goes into full swing in the Autumn.

Various Artists - 10 Years of Leftroom
Release Date 27 November 2015
Label Leftroom Records

1. Matt Tolfrey & Route 94 - Get Down
2. Matt Tolfrey & Guti - Infizero
3. Matt Tolfrey & Heartthrob - Can You Control It?
4. Kate Simko feat. Jem Cooke - Go On Then (Matt Tolfrey & Kate Simko 2015 Mix)
5. Audiojack - Robot (2015 Reincarnation)
6. Jay Haze & ESB feat. Tyler - Refine To Deepness (Chez Damier DC10 Remix)
7. Matt Tolfrey feat. Jem Cooke and Kevin Knapp - Distant Story (Mr. Fingers Deep Dub)
8. Laura Jones - Love In Me (Mr. KS Remix)
9. Jasper James - ZTRK1 (A JD Twitch Optimo Remix)
10. Signal Flow feat. Kevin Knapp - All Alone (Locked Groove Dub)

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