Kate Simko. Photo by: Bruno Levy
PHOTO BY Bruno Levy

Kate Simko presents Crystals


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Mon. 15th of Jul 2013 URL Bookmark

Crystals is an audio-visual collaboration between multi-disciplinary artist Bruno Levy and DJ/composer Kate Simko. All orchestral instruments in Crystals were recorded live and combined with the electronic music elements.

Using stop motion photography, Bruno Levy captured various types of crystals growing under a microscope. As the evaporation process occurred, a wide variety of patterns and shapes were formed, creating an organic, yet otherworldly landscape. The compiled images are reminiscent of space and the creation of matter; as the video progresses the geometry of the crystals becomes increasingly complex. Shimmering floating particles transform into glowing geometric shapes that develop into complex galactic formations, taking us on a journey of growth and evolution.

Kate Simko's score meshes modern classical music with deep electronics and sound design. Highlighting the rhythmic nature of the evolution of crystals and matter, the music takes us on a short journey that combines the beauty of nature and live instruments with technology and interactive art.

Crystals premiered as a live audio-visual performance in April 2013 at the Britten Theatre of the Royal College of Music in London. Alongside an orchestral ensemble of twenty musicians, Simko performed electronics while Levy triggered live visual effects using MIDI and audio analysis of the orchestra.

All orchestral instruments in Crystals were recorded live and combined with the electronic music elements.

Video Bruno Levy
Music Kate Simko
Conducted by Pierre O'Reilly

Instrumental players
Claire Wickes - Flute/Piccolo
Lydia Griffiths - Oboe
Adrian Somogyi - Clarinet
Isaac McCullough - Bassoon
Damon Oliver - Alto Sax
David Scott - Trumpet
Anny Drysdale - Horn
Jonny Hollick - Trombone
Catrin Meek - Harp
Marie Schreer - Violin
Nadine Galea - Violin
Louisa Tatlow - Viola
Mikela Gronberg - Cello
Enric Boixados Gomex - Bass

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