Karma Clash EP by Timo Maas. Photo by: Rockets & PoniesPHOTO BY Rockets & Ponies

Karma Clash EP by Timo Maas

Music is 4 Lovers hits their 10th release milestone with a three track EP from Timo Maas featuring remixes from Anja Schneider and Tiefschwarz.

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Music is 4 Lovers show off their darker side with Karma Clash EP; featuring three massive originals from the legendary Timo Maas; and two outstanding remixes from fellow Germans, Anja Schneider and Tiefschwarz; all of which are ready-made to completely smash any techno-filled dance floor.

Timo Maas - Karma Clash EP
Release Date
May 2020
Label Music is 4 Lovers

1. Karma Clash
2. Die Schraube
3. Sonderbare Dinge
4. Karma Clash (Tiefschwarz Remix)
5. Die Schraube (Anja Schneider Remix)

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Music is 4 Lovers


Author Joel Shaw
Published 20th of May 2020

Section Music
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