It's Nothing EP by Kalamita and Matt Fontaine

Kalamita and Matt Fontaine team up for a debut joint release on Tube & Berger and Juliet Sikora's esteemed Kittball Records with It's Nothing EP.


French artist Kalamita continues his upward rise with a collaboration alongside fellow countryman and eminent house producer Matt Fontaine. With Kalamita's releases on Cr2, Kinetika and Panterre Musique and Fontaine's on Kevin McKay's renowned Glasgow Underground, they now join forces for a fresh and thumping two-tracker.

"It's Nothing" opens with rubbery kicks, flying perc hits, swinging tambourines and an infectious vocal hook that adds a layer of groove to the rhythm. "One Chance" then strips things back with shuffling hats, bustling bass, down pitched toms and smooth vocal-work.

Kalamita, Matt Fontaine - It's Nothing EP
Release Date
March 2020
Label Kittball Records

1. It's Nothing (Original Mix)
2. One Chance (Original Mix)

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Kittball Records


Author Mathias Haegglund
Published 20th of Mar 2020

Section Music
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