Into the Sun EP by Maurice Aymard. Photo by: Galaktika Records
PHOTO BY Galaktika Records

Into the Sun EP by Maurice Aymard


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Tue. 3rd of Oct 2017 URL Bookmark

Visionary DJ and producer Maurice Aymard is next up on Infradig Records with a standout new single featuring huge remixes from James Teej and Hobo.

Maurice Aymard is boss of the Galaktika Records label and a producer and DJ who always explores the more emotional end of the musical spectrum. A graduate of electronic engineering, the Venezuelan is now based in Barcelona and runs his own agency as well as releasing on Moodmusic, My Favorite Robot and Suara, amongst other big hitters like Defected.

His original here, "Into the Sun", is seven and a half minutes of widescreen deep techno. Bubbling drums are loose and fluid and smeared synths stretch out into the distance with a real sense of soul. Other chords and pixelated melodies add colour and constantly shape shift to keep things dramatic and dynamic. This is the sort of cut that marks the high point of any set, it is an epic bit of work.

First to remix is esteemed vocalist, producer & recent Grammy nominee James Teej, who also works with Sasha’s Last Night on Earth and Timo Maas’s Rockets & Ponies. His vision is a masterful rework that repackages the tune as more upbeat and driving but is draped in mesmerizing chords that really get the emotions going. The drums are heavier, the percussion glints that bit more and as such it is one to carry you to the next level.  

Second to remix is Hobo, the minimal techno man associated with labels like Minus, Suara and Elevate. The Canadian has a stark and sleek futuristic sound which he applies here as he totally flips the track into an austere techno roller. Molten synths explode into life as searching synths spray the lifeless horizon. It’s a cinematic track that makes a truly big impact.

Maurice Aymard - Into the Sun EP
Release Date
September 2017
Label InfraDig Records

1. Into the sun (Original mix)
2. Into the sun (James Teej Remix)
3. Into the sun (Hobo Remix)

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