StoneBridge. Photo by: Stoneyboy Music
PHOTO BY Stoneyboy Music

Interview with Stonebridge (2003)


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Mon. 26th of May 2003 URL Bookmark

He is the biggest and the most successful producer and DJ in Sweden and with his remixes of Robin S, Ten City, Kristine W, Rozalla, Staxx, Masters At Work, Snap, Chic, Todd Terry, Antiloop, Dario G, Atomic Kitten, Axwell, Chris Coco and many more.

He is the biggest and the most successful producer and DJ in Sweden and with his remixes of Robin S, Ten City, Kristine W, Rozalla, Staxx, Masters At Work, Snap, Chic, Todd Terry, Antiloop, Dario G, Atomic Kitten, Axwell, Chris Coco, Star Alliance, Lee Cabrera and many many more, and most of this stuff even before 1995 !

We sent an email to the man that with his remix of the legendary track "Show me Love" by Robin S back in 1992/1993, turned everyone's heads and still today, 10 years later, is a very well known and played track all over the world and he is today even more creative then ever.

Stonebridge has an album in store which is named "Can't get enough" and is soon out on Hed Kandi (uk). We wanted to know more...

When did you start out and how did you go about it ?
I started as a DJ at my sister's graduation party (our dad didn't want to pay for a real DJ). I then set up SweMix in 1986 and started to do re-edits of track and began remixing in 1987.

What's up with the name Stonebridge ? Why Stonebridge ?
When we did the SweMix DJ records I did small drum tracks that we called bridges. Stone has done another Bridge and that's how the name came about.

How do you predict the clubbing in Sweden to progress within 5 years ? How far can it go ?
Clubbing as we know it from the super clubs in the UK will become smaller. People will go to smaller venues and bars. House will become the new classics like Euro pop is now (my theory).

What kind of a approach do you have when you are beginning on a new track or remix ?
I spend a little time listening to the original to see if I get any ideas of the direction. Then I stretch the parts to a more club friendly tempo, 126, 128 or 130 depending on what type of vocal it is (R&B slower tempos etc.). Then I do the beats and the bass and the last thing is the sweet stuff if I feel I need to.

Tell us, what track, out of all you've produced, that you liked the most and why ?
Difficult really, you tend to like the latest stuff most, but my artist album that will come out in September is my best achievement to date I think. Robin S is the best remix, at least the most successful.

How would you say that dance music has changed since you started out ?
When I started there was no house. When house came everything changed overnight. You couldn't blend pop or funk with house so there was a bit of a decision to be made. Now you can play even a small niche of house all nite. That's the biggest difference.

When you are not DJing or Producing, what do you like to do ? Any secrets ? DVD movies!

Which is the best and worst memory you have from a dj gig ?
Best is some of the big UK club nights at Bed or with Hed Kandi in Pacha/London. Last night was wicked, probably my best Hed Kandi gig so far. The worst was in a former prison cellar in the north of Sweden. I think 4 people turned up.

What do you have in store, as far as djing & producing goes, this summer/autumn ?
Massive touring to support the album release on Ibiza and in the UK, preparing a couple of really slamming Stoney Boy Music releases and remix a few tracks for other people.

Tell us about the album and when it's released ?
The album is called "Can't Get Enough" and contains 14 original tracks with 13 featured vocalists including Ultra Naté, Isabel Fructuoso (Mambana/Afro Medusa), DaYeene, Kenny Thomas, Rita Campbell. The general vibe is funky, but not 100% house. It' will be released mid September on Hed Kandi in the UK and probably Playground in Scandinavia. The first single is called "Put Them High" which is being remixed right now (mixes include the original, Seamus Haji, Soul Providers and probably Chocolate Puma).

Please list your favourite all time top 5 tracks that have changed you and your music ?
1. Chic - I Want Your Love
2. Massive Attack - Unfinished Symphony
3. Running - Intro
4. CLS - Can You Feel It
5. G Club - Guitarra G

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