Igohart by Roog & Dennis Quin. Photo by: Madhouse Records
PHOTO BY Madhouse Records

Igohart by Roog & Dennis Quin


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Tue. 24th of Jan 2017 URL Bookmark

Madhouse Records kick starts the year with a new single from Roog & Dennis Quin featuring Berget Lewis, entitled Igohart and accompanied by remixes from Josh Butler and Frag Maddin.

Dutch duo Roog & Dennis Quin have been steadily carving out a name for themselves over the past few years via labels like Defected, Toolroom, Simma Black and Get Twisted Records with their energetic house style. Here we see the pair opening 2017 with a fresh new collaboration in the shape of "Igohart".

The original mix opens the package and sees Roog & Quin employ thunderous subs and crunchy 909 rhythms alongside classic house stabs sequences and Berget Lewis' soul drenched vocal stylings to create something that's truly the embodiment of the Madhouse sound.

Josh Butler then steps up to remix "Igohart" next, delivering a more contemporary feel to things via a robust square bass lead, dubbed out stab hits and low-slung drums whilst extracting snippets of the original vocal and reworking them with a looped and filtered, hooky approach. Germany's Frag Maddin then closes out the single with a deeper interpretation laying focus on emotive strings, piano chord shots, encapsulating low-end tones and stripped back percussion.

Roog & Dennis Quin feat. Berget Lewis - Igohart
Release Date 27th January 2017
Label Madhouse Records

1. Igohart‚Äč
2. ‚ÄčIgohart (Josh Butler Remix)
3. Igohart (Frag Maddin Remix)

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