I'd Rather B by Anfisa Letyago

Italian artist Anfisa Letyago debuts on Rekids delivering two captivating cuts, including remixes from Mark Broom and Marco Faraone.


For over a decade, this Neapolitan DJ and producer has been renowned for her hard hitting techno tracks on labels like Redrum and Intec. She now debuts on Radio Slave's Rekids, following the likes of Laurent Garnier, Spencer Parker, Hybrasil, P.Leone, and SRVD.

"I'd Rather B" starts with shaking percussions into soul styled vocals, fading out to deeper and darker tones, before "Pump It" progresses into a smooth acidic background completed with a subtle groove undertone.

Warp Records and Cocoon artist Mark Broom returns to Rekids with two remixes of "I'd Rather B". The first leads with a stomping bass and rupturing sirens, generating an atmospheric aesthetic from start to finish, whilst the second focuses more on the groove - introducing piercing claps, rattling hats and small bursts of vocals cries as the track continues to build.

Finally, Uncage founder Marco Faraone's take includes a hint of old school using progressive buildups and acidic tones, bringing this release to a show-stopping end.

Anfisa Letyago - I'd Rather B
Release Date
January 2020
Label Rekids

01. I’d Rather B
02. Pump It
03. I’d Rather B (Mark Broom Mix1)
04. I’d Rather B (Mark Broom Mix2)
05. I’d Rather B (Marco Faraone Remix)

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Author Mathias Haegglund
Published 3rd of Feb 2020

Section Music
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