Heus EP by Florian Busse. Photo by: Felix J. Hild
PHOTO BY Felix J. Hild

Heus EP by Florian Busse


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Wed. 16th of Aug 2017 URL Bookmark

After his memorable "Wolves EP", which picked support quickly among his peers, Florian Busse returns to Connected for his excellent new, "Heus EP".

Retaining and developing his idiosyncratic knack for sound sculpting, Florian has delivered another unique trio of tracks for the dance floor here. It is something the German has made a career out of, on the likes of This And That and Younion, always doing so with real emotion and meaning.

Opening the EP is the excellently hypnotic "Heus", where a tom and bass groove - heavy on atmosphere and noise - suck you in. An enchanting melody wanders up above the deep house grooves and the whole thing is melancholic and wistful, but powerful. As the arpeggio in the main break brings things to an end, it delivers a sure to be powerful moment in the club when the beat comes back.

Then comes "Intro", a great starter for any DJ set. Made up of childlike voices, steady synthesizer notes come and go and a low bass sound creates an intense first three minutes before the beats kick in. From here you are truly under the spell of this most majestic and inventive track thanks to the clever treatment of vocal sounds and spooky pads.

Last comes the succulent deep house roller "Guem" with its steady bass note and a waylaying, moody synthesizer theme. Add in tastefully selected drums, percussion and weird, bird-like sounds and you are locked in a tropical groove somewhere deep in the forest.

These are three more brilliantly original and absorbing house tunes from one of the most interesting producers in the game right now.

Florian Busse - Heus EP
Release Date
15th August 2017
Label Connected

01. Heus
02. Intro
03. Guem

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