Paul Hazendonk. Photo by: Tim Janssen Photography
PHOTO BY Tim Janssen Photography

Paul Hazendonk - Hazendonk FM April 2013


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Sat. 13th of Apr 2013 URL Bookmark

The April 2013 edition of Hazendonk FM. A 60 minute mix made by Paul Hazendonk himself.


01. Isolee - Allowance [Pampa Records]
02. Loacs Erepams - Rain On Rail [MNL]
03. Cumiks feat. Fran Von Vie - Promises (Paul Hazendonk & Noraj Cue remix) [Crossfrontier Audio]
04. Patchy - Picnic (Dawad Bucolic Mix) [Manual Music]
05. Cine City - Are You Sure Joe (Neil Quigley's Journey To Metaluna) [Paperecordings]
06. PHM - Opalescent [Wide Angle Recordings]
07. Logiztik Sounds - Hope [Manual Music]
08. Olaf Stuut - Square [MNL]
09. Max Cooper & Nicolas Bougaieff - Ellipse (Logiztik Sounds remix) [Traum]
10. Chymera - Disc [Dirt Crew Recordings]

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