Handz Up by Eli Escobar. Photo by: Kenny Rodriguez
PHOTO BY Kenny Rodriguez

Handz Up by Eli Escobar


Author Scarlett Pares Landells in Music for Evlear
Published Fri. 1st of Sep 2017 URL Bookmark

Handz Up by Eli Escobar continues his unrelenting release schedule with this one and oh boy, it's good. A gospel infused party starter.

"Handz Up" features two mixes of one of the standout tracks on Eli Escobar’s forthcoming album Shout. Veering more towards the sound of his killer single "Chaka Khan" and away from Happiness, Eli’s own "Happy Clap Mix" is an out-and-out party stomper with a gospel nod.

This is complimented by edit king and Chicago native Cratebug and his "Acid Reflux" version. Cratebug flips the mix into old school acid territory, turning out something that caters for those out-there Ron Hardy moments.

Eli Escobar - Handz Up
Release Date
8th September 2017
Label Classic Music Company

1. Eli Escobar ‘handz Up’ (Happy Clap Mix)
2. Eli Escobar ‘handz Up’ (Cratebug’s Acid Reflux)

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Classic Music Company



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