Green Spiral EP by Fluida. Photo by: Southern Fried Records
PHOTO BY Southern Fried Records

Green Spiral EP by Fluida


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Fri. 30th of Sep 2016 URL Bookmark

Very much at the heart of the modern Southern Fried operation, Fluida make a welcome return with a second stunning EP of the year. Once again they show real progression in their style and manage to be both dance floor friendly and deeply emotive.

Still little is known about Fluida, but their music is really making waves: the Gold Spiral EP they put out in March was another triumph that won fans from across the dance spectrum, from BBC 6 Music to Sasha and Joris Voorn, such is the breadth of their appeal. Once again here they marry real instrumentation with clever synths and drums into music that packs more than just a physical punch.

Two of the tracks here have full and complete vocals that show real advancement in their skills. ‘Breathing Space’ opens things in resplendent fashion with layers of dreamy bass guitar licks brushing up against soft drums and loose percussion. It is a warm and comforting cut with wistful vocals contributing real melancholia to the grooves. Next up, ‘Instinct’ showcases a sparkling array of interwoven instruments, including tuned bamboo percussion hand built by Fluida. It is littered with trilling spring time melodies and beachy guitar strums. ‘Instinct’ is as blissful as it is beautiful.

The succulent ‘Source’ marries gently tumbling drums and sub bass with cleverly treated vocals that sound dehumanised yet hugely emotive. It is a piece of perfect dance pop with real heart. A dub version places extra focus on the punchy beats and introduces gently lilting chords to soothe the soul.

Fluida - Green Spiral EP
Release Date 30th September 2016
Label Southern Fried Records

1. Breathing Space
2. Instinct
3. Source
4. Source (Dub)

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