Goodbye S4 (Remixes) by Alexi Delano. Photo by: Alexi Delano
PHOTO BY Alexi Delano

Goodbye S4 (Remixes) by Alexi Delano


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Thu. 14th of May 2015 URL Bookmark

This June will see the release of Alexi Delano's Goodbye S4 (Remixes) on NOSI Limited, featuring reworks from Butane, Loud Neighbor, Derek Marin and Mental Vision.

The NOSI Limited imprint is a sub-label of New York’s NOSI Music, an imprint and events company which over its years has unleashed material from the likes of Alland Byallo and Xpansul, as well as welcoming the likes of Noah Pred, Danny Howells and No Regular Play to their events in recent years. Here we see NOSI launch the Limited offshoot with a remix package of former New Yorker now London-based Alexi Delano’s ‘Goodbye S4’ (a farewell track to his studio, street and neighbourhood in Brooklyn) welcoming an array of established and up and coming artist to rework the original cut, all of whom have remixed and released each other’s material over their years in the industry.

Stepping up first is Alphahouse head honcho Butane who treats us to his typically raw and rugged sound via his ‘Ship Of Theseus’ interpretation of “Goodbye S4’, employing warbling bass hooks, crunchy analogue rhythms and an ever-blooming dynamic feel over its seven-minute duration. Trapez artist Derek Marin steps up next on remix duties, turning in a dub-techno led take on the original with raw synth stabs swirling percussive sounds and a reverb soaked, expansive feel to the composition.

Opening the flip side we have a remix of ‘Goodbye S4’ from Loud Neighbor, the duo behind the W0RKT34M brand,  the pair turn in their signature outboard led sound with bubbling synth lines, sturdy drum lines and a general psychedelic feel to things. Mental Vision then closes the package with his take on ‘Goodbye S4’ dropping the tempo slightly, while also bringing jazz-tinged brass sounds, off-kilter drums and rumbling square wave bass into the mix to create a stunning, early hours closing track for the package.

Alexi Delano - Goodbye S4 (Remixes)
Release date 30th April 2015 (Vinyl) / 9th June 2015 (Digital)
Label NOSI Limited

1. Goodbye S4 (Butane's Ship Of Thesus Remix)
2. Goodbye S4 (Derek Marin Remix)
3. Goodbye S4 (Loud Neighbor Remix)
4. Goodbye S4 (Mental Vision Remix)

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