Good Thing by KHAMEA feat. Patrick Baker

KHAMEA together with American singer/songwriter Patrick Baker to delivers the track Good Thing on Booka Shade's Blaufield Music.

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Founded in 2013 but more recently becoming a central piece in Booka Shade’s return to their deeper, more dancefloor focused sound, Blaufield Music has quickly become a hub for both label founder releases and fresh productions from their close friends and colleagues alike. Having recently released material from a string of rising talents including Undercatt, Pôngo and UNDERHER, the label now sees a switch up in sound as Booka Shade welcome the debut of KHAMEA alongside Patrick Baker to deliver the infectious, disco-driven single "Good Thing".

"Good Thing" oozes feelings of melancholy and bliss right from the first funk-fueled guitar lick as rich strings and dusty drum loops go to work around Baker’s ever-impressing vocals to form a bright and lively cut that looks set to become a firm favourite for many across the summer months ahead.

KHAMEA feat. Patrick Baker - Good Thing
Release Date
April 2019
Label Blaufield

1. KHAMEA feat. Patrick Baker - Good Thing

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5th of May 2019



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