Freefall by Francesca Lombardo. Photo by: Zoe Lower Photography
PHOTO BY Zoe Lower Photography

Freefall by Francesca Lombardo


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Thu. 25th of Feb 2016 URL Bookmark

Francesca Lombardo returns with the launch of her new imprint Echoe, a sub-label of her Echolette imprint, kicking things off with a two-track release entitled Freefall.


Italian artist Francesca Lombardo has been steadily on the rise as a producer and DJ over the past few years, releasing material via Crosstown Rebels and Culprit whilst maintaining a heavy touring schedule across the globe throughout the year. Here we see Francesca push on with her own venture, launching Echoe, a sub-label of the Echolette imprint launched by Lombardo back in 2010.

Opening the release is title track ‘Freefall’, leading the way with undulating melodies, pulsing bass tones and snaking rhythms, as the name would suggest resulting in a freefalling and hypnotic composition.

Following is ‘Aurora’ which rounds off the package, a gleaming, radiant and ethereal slice of melodic house employing bright bell chimes, atmospheric and evolving pad lines running alongside low-slung crunchy rhythms.

As always Francesca Lombardo delivers mesmeric and intelligent material here for the launch of Echoe.

Francesca Lombardo - Freefall
Release Date 20th February 2016
Label Echoe

1. Freefall
2. Aurora

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