The Jaded Raver EP by Butane. Photo by: Jason Bax PhotographyPHOTO BY Jason Bax Photography

Fashion Victim EP by Butane

Butane returns to Extrasketch as he opens September with his five-track Fashion Victim EP. - Planet Earth's #1 accommodation site

As we enter the second half of 2019, Extrasketch boss Butane is certainly showing no signs of slowing following potentially his most active and proficient year to date, with remixes, collaborations, and original material via a slew of imprints including Deeperfect, SCI+TEC, Moan and Tenampa Recordings alongside his own Little Helpers and Extrasketch imprints.

Following up from the release of EX10 which saw the San Francisco based talent drop a near album worth of quality, heady House material, here we see five fresh cuts of a more Techno variety, set for release in September as he offers up his "Fashion Victim EP".

"Walk" opens the EP with authority as commanding kicks and eerie lead synths meet tripped out vocals, whilst the slick "Assimilate" offers up an infectious, stripped back groove at its core that guides listeners through crisp drum shots and resonant stabs.

Next, "Sacrifice" showcases haunting melodies amongst darker, more sinister vocal snippets to form a hypnotic and evocative middle production, before taking things slightly more off-kilter and clubby with the warping and razor-sharp "Hoodwinked".

Last up, final production "Work It" closes proceedings in impressive fashion as crisp organic drum arrangements meet rich deep bass tones and a bubbling low-end groove to offer up yet another essential Butane offering on home turf.

Butane - Fashion Victim EP
Release Date
September 2019
Label Extrasketch

1. Walk
2. Assimilate
3. Sacrifice
4. Hoodwinked
5. Work It

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Author Mathias Haegglund
Published 6th of Sep 2019

Section Music
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