Fantasia by Fort Romeau. Photo by: Permanent VacationPHOTO BY Permanent Vacation

Fantasia by Fort Romeau

Cin Cin label owner Fort Romeau returns to Permanent Vacation with a glinting house release entitled Fantasia.

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Over the last decade​ ​British artist Fort Romeau has continued to establish himself as an exceptional producer and DJ, enchanting crowds at key clubs across the globe, such as Panorama Bar, Jaeger, Good Room, and Sub Club. He's also released on labels like Live At Robert Johnson, Correspondant and Running Back, dropping two superb albums on Ghostly International and 100% Silk, not to mention recently teaming up with Vampire Weekend's Chris Baio as C.Y.M. on Phantasy.

Joining Munich's renowned Permanent Vacation imprint, with three romantic italo-house-techno-trance stormers, "Fantasia" opens with rebounding synth lines, glimmering melodies and an undercurrent of layered snares until "Neuromace" douses the senses with blissfully atmospheric keys, pulsing bass and high fluttering harmonies.

Finally, Fort Romeau provides a warehouse shaking reimagining of Suncreem's 90s progressive anthem "Annadin": layering in fresh kicks, sub-heavy acid licks and chopping up the original piano pattern for an infectious, dynamic effect.

Fort Romeau - Fantasia
Release Date
April 2020
Label Permanent Vacation

1. Fantasia
2. Neuromace
3. Annadin (Feat. Sunscreem)

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Author Mathias Haegglund
Published 11th of May 2020

Section Music
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