Fallin In Love EP by Neil Parkes. Photo by: Neil Parkes
PHOTO BY Neil Parkes

Fallin In Love EP by Neil Parkes


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Wed. 11th of May 2016 URL Bookmark

Neil Parkes returns to Matt Tolfrey’s Leftroom Limited imprint with a new EP called Fallin In Love EP, backed up with a remix by Denney.

English producer and DJ Neil Parkes has been rising up the ranks over the past few years with shows at esteemed nightclubs such as fabric London, Space Ibiza, Sankeys and Ministry Of Sound, as well as releasing material for Hot Creations, MadTech, ViVa and of course Leftroom where he returns to here.

Up first on the release is the original mix of title track ‘Fallin In Love’ which sees Parkes employ a snaking, groove-led bass hook as the driving force, whilst an amalgamation of glitched out synth whirrs, acid licks and swinging percussive hits ebb and flow throughout the composition. Fellow ViVa Music artist Denney then steps up to rework ‘Fallin In Love’ next, reshaping things with his raw, drum-led style. Denney brings crunchy rhythms into prominence while extracting the original’s infectious 303 hooks as the focal point for his interpretation, resulting in a robust and dance floor focused take on things.

The latter half of the package sees two more original’s from Parkes on offer, the first of which, ‘Time To Go’, focuses on modulating percussive swells, elongated synth drones and an unfaltering low end drive. Lastly ‘Gonna Tell Yer’ closes the package with a brooding, stripped-back feel via murky atmospheric textures, spiraling vocal chops and sparse rhythms.

Neil Parkes - Fallin In Love EP
Release Date May 2016
Label Leftroom Limited

1. Fallin In Love
2. Fallin In Love (Denney Remix)
3. Time To Go
4. Gonna Tell Yer

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Neil Parkes
Leftroom Records



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