Enfant Terrible EP by Christopher Kah. Photo by: A-Traction Records
PHOTO BY A-Traction Records

Enfant Terrible EP by Christopher Kah


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Mon. 26th of Sep 2016 URL Bookmark

French imprint A-Traction Records drops Christopher Kah’s Enfant Terrible EP, featuring a remix from DJ Hell.

Alsace, France born DJ and producer Christopher Kah has been release his dark and brooding style via the likes of Terrence Fixmer’s Planete Rouge, Anthony Rother’s DATAPUNK, DJ Hell’s International Deejay Gigolo and of course hi very own The RedHotHell Rec. alongside remixes for Dave Clarke and Sante. Here though we see Kah make a welcome return to A-Traction Records following his remix of Eggo on the label earlier this year.

‘Rising Star’ opens the package with an amalgamation of mystical arpeggios, hypnotic voice recordings and weighty drums before ‘The Red Man’ lays focus on swirling dub aesthetics, menacing bass drones and murky vocal shots.

The original mix of ‘Without Space’ kicks off the latter half and employs a dreamy feel with elongated bass drones, bubbling bell chimes and soft chords swells before Kah’s friend and collaborator DJ Hell steps up to close the package with his take on ‘Without Space’. Doing what he does best Hell delivers a raw and dynamic interpretation fuelled by the originals warm hook, while crunchy percussion and snaking synths evolve throughout.

Christopher Kah - Enfant Terrible EP
Release Date 5th September 2016
Label A-Traction Records

1. Rising Star
2. The Red Man
3. Without Space
4. Without Space (DJ Hell Remix)

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