Electro soul infused hip hop by JO.EY

Jo.ey releases the first section of his Defying-Convention episode labelled Pre-WAR: Defying-Convention, championing what he loves to call electro soul infused hip hop. This is the first official project released under The Alternative Regime.

Founded by Joe "JO.EY" Mbala in 2014, The Alternative Regime is a musical method hailing the importance of fine lyricism and futuristic/well developed beat making and compositions, in the absence of genre divisions, but believing solely in whether the piece is good or bad.

In addition, the regime consists of an extension called "Linear Notes For Hip Hop Junkies" (a tribute to Brian Coleman's well written study on classics) which specifically focuses on the examination of the skills of extreme rap lyricists and legends such as Cypress Hill, Mike Skinner (The Streets), ONYX, Nas and The Roots.

They also have a great songwriting department labelled 'Naked Science' which champions unique styles of writing. We thrive in transforming real life experiences and opinions (whether right or wrong) into exquisitely formulated and intricate rhyme schemes like no other.

JO.EY releases the first section of his "Defying-Convention" episode labelled "Pre-WAR: Defying-Convention", championing what he loves to call "electro soul infused hip hop". This is the first official project released under his new movement/mentality called "The Alternative Regime". Pre-WAR essentially deals with the excitement/pressures found within the fountain of youth, hence a whole load of "2am Adolescence". This is way more than just being good enough.

JO.EY - Pre-WAR:Defying-Convention
Release date April/May 2014
Label The Alternative Regime

1. Supa-Dupa-High
2. 2am Adolescence
3. Nelsons Column
4. SIX2 (Stick It In)

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The Alternative Regime


Mathias Haegglund


30th of Apr 2014