Electric EP by Kaiserdisco feat. Cari Golden. Photo by: Vitali Gelwich
PHOTO BY Vitali Gelwich

Electric EP by Kaiserdisco feat. Cari Golden


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Sun. 7th of Jun 2015 URL Bookmark

The Kaiserdisco crosshairs have the spectrum of techno in their line of fire, beginning deep, lean and Electric under the strict instruction of Cari Golden's vocal commands.


A detachment of deathly whispers slipping under your skin, bridges the gap between LA and Silicon Valley and helps KD put their own spin on what defines 'Technologic'.

Darren Beale as Dubspeeka hangs onto the handlebars of the outer limits with techno scaremongering tactics only built for those with nerves of steel.

Classic Detroit style and loop engineering from Cristoph, including a striking declaration of authority on the breakdown, creates melodiously powerful, duskily anthemic techno. 'Electric' - danger, high voltage.

Kaiserdisco feat. Cari Golden - Electric EP
Release date June 2015
Label KD RAW

1. Kaiserdisco feat. Cari Golden - Electric (Original Mix)
2. Kaiserdisco feat. Cari Golden - Electric (Dubspeeka Remix)
3. Kaiserdisco feat. Cari Golden - Electric (Cristoph Remix)

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