Duality by Audiojack. Photo by: Gruuv Recordings
PHOTO BY Gruuv Recordings

Duality by Audiojack


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Fri. 16th of Mar 2018 URL Bookmark

Audiojack return to their Gruuv Recordings imprint with "Duality", backed with Kotelett & Zadak, and Elisa Bee remixes.

Over the past six months Audiojack have dropped material for Mobilee, 20/20 Vision, Crosstown Rebels, Suara, and Octopus consistently showcasing their energetic, underground style and here we see them make a welcome return to their own Gruuv label following "Senses" which featured Dubspeeka and Reset Robot remixes on the label in April of last year.

The original mix of "Duality" leads and sees Audiojack do what they do best, dynamic, ever unfolding stabs sequences lie at the core of the track whilst a weighty 808 kick, hooky vocal phrases and shuffled hi-hats are intricately processed throughout keep you hooked in for the duration.

Kotelet & Zadak’s interpretation follows, stripping things back to a more melodious feel with elongated bass tones, choppy resonant stabs and tension building strings driving things along as the duo subtly work in the originals vocal cuts and lead synths to the depths of the record.

Elisa Bee’s remix closes adding a heady feel to things, bringing the originals wandering stab lead into the limelight as raw, organic percussion and gritty leads further fuel the peak-time workout.

Audiojack - Duality
Release Date
16th March 2018
Label Gruuv Recordings

1. Duality
2. Duality (Kotelett & Zadak Remix)
3. Duality (Elisa Bee Remix)

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