Rachel Row (Photo by Yan Petrov & Peter Vulchev). Photo by: Yan Petrov & Peter Vulchev
PHOTO BY Yan Petrov & Peter Vulchev

Defected Records presents Follow The Step Remixes


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Mon. 12th of Aug 2013 URL Bookmark

Released earlier this summer Rachel Row's beautiful single created a storm both on the White Isle and across the world, and this superb set of remixes look set to further elevate it to anthemic status.


First up are Belgium duo FCL with their ‘Gentil Mix’. Being a lover of prominent vocals in their own productions – see ‘More Than Seven and the massive ‘It’s You’ for further details –  it’s not surprising to see FCL really focus on Rachel Row’s voice, with a square, bassy hook breaking up ambient synths and Row’s silky vocals with mesmerising results.
Next up is Breach, following on from the massive success of his own ‘Jack’ record. His effort is a killer production which contains deep and seductive garage vibes which merge together beautifully. Almost unrecognizable from the original, Breach’s ‘Hood Remix’ is the Mr Hyde to Rachel Row’s Dr Jekyll – transformed from a blissful summer anthem to a bassy dance floor monster.
The original record’s producer KiNK also returns to bring us his ‘Bass & Beats Mix’, a version which does exactly what it says on the tin by featuring prominent percussive elements that move towards a growing drop that is dominated by both bass and snare.

Rachel Row - Follow The Step
Release date 9th September 2013
Label Defected Records

1. Follow The Step (FCL's Gentil Mix)
2. Follow The Step (Breach Hood Remix)
3. Follow The Step (KiNK Bass & Beats Mix)

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