Deep Soul EP by Folic State. Photo by: Shoeb Mashadi
PHOTO BY Shoeb Mashadi

Deep Soul EP by Folic State


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Mon. 25th of May 2015 URL Bookmark

Buena Onda Records presents Deep Soul EP by Folic State. A 6 track EP filled with new sounds including remixes from Piemont and Gurwan.


Folic State is the third Eastern man to sign on Buena Onda Records. Buena Onda Records have indeed decided to continue exploring this oriental underground scene, nourished by a variety of influences and infused with creativity. Look back to the early 90's in Europe: things have changed since the emergence of electronic music and this is about to happen in this part of the world.

Folic State delivers four original tracks, which Buena Onda Records are really proud to release. His music could be labelled deep dark techno, minimalist techno or whatever, but does this really matter? All we know is that it comes from the heart & guts and this is fresh!

Buena Onda Records Hamburg favorite and historical label duo Piemont will bring us directly Summer back on the White Island with a bucolic and wonderful remix of Folic State's sweet, hooky, housy 'Moondance' track. On his side Gurwan has tried something different for 'Another Zone', especially designed for a burning dancefloor!

Folic State - Deep Soul EP
Release date May 2015
Label Buena Onda Records

1. Moondance
2. Moondance (Piemont Remix)
3. Another Zone
4. Another (NoGo) Zone (Gurwan remix)
5. Deep Soul
6. Journey on Earth

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Folic State
Buena Onda Records



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