Deep Inside Me / Bella M'briana Remixes by Deborah De Luca. Photo by: Claudio D'Avascio
PHOTO BY Claudio D'Avascio

Deep Inside Me / Bella M'briana Remixes by Deborah De Luca


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Wed. 21st of Dec 2016 URL Bookmark

Deborah De Luca's "Deep Inside Me" and "Bella M'briana" remixes by Dandi & Ugo and Raul Mezcolanza on the Sola_Mente Records, is the complete package. Beautifully executed and leaving you wanting to hear more from Deborah De Luca.


"Deep Inside Me" and "Bella M'briana" are two unique tracks. A sound driving you trough a trip within the depth of your soul and brings out a ton of emotions.

Now these two tracks are being revisited by nonetheless than Dandi & Ugo and Raul Mezcolanza, bringing you in to another sensorial dimension. Another awesome piece of work on Sola_Mente Records, that just leaves you wanting more and more.

Deborah De Luca - Deep Inside Me / Bella M'briana Remixes
Release Date December 2016
Label Sola_Mente Records

01. Deep Inside Me (Dandi & Ugo Remix)
02. Bella M'Briana (Raul Mezcolanza Remix)

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Deborah De Luca
Sola_Mente Records



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