Cristoph. Photo by: Defected Records
PHOTO BY Defected Records

Cristoph presents Guffaz EP


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Thu. 26th of Sep 2013 URL Bookmark

Scheduled for release in September 2013 on Defected's sub-imprint DFTD, these three tracks exemplify Cristoph's ability to create energizing dancefloor anthems. This is Guffaz EP.

Exposed to electronic music at a young age, it was a combination of elder brother’ Chicago and Detroit House cassettes and listening to the likes of Masters at Work and Marc Kinchen that inspired Cristoph to pursue producing and DJing.

A few years down the line and Cristoph boasts various international bookings and releases on labels such as Blue Dye and Relux Underground, as well as his tunes being played by some of today’s most established artists, including the progressively popular Hot Since 82, in what has been an exceptional year for the North England newcomer.
Scheduled for release in September 2013 on Defected’s sub-imprint DFTD, these three tracks exemplify his ability to create energizing dancefloor anthems. ‘Guffaz’ itself pays tribute to the darker corner of deep house with its intense rumbling bassline and industrial synth stabs that create a heads down, no-nonsense vibe. ‘Surprised You’ relies on a gradual build up into some serious thud and sultry bass, whilst ‘Dunka’ sticks to the dark and sullen vibes whilst incorporating a more techy and ultramodern twist.

Cristoph - Guffaz EP
Release date 30th September 2013
Label Defected Records

1. Guffaz
2. Surprised You
3. Dunka

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