Creatures by Passarella Death Squad. Photo by: Simon Harris
PHOTO BY Simon Harris

Creatures by Passarella Death Squad


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Mon. 22nd of Apr 2019 URL Bookmark

Returning to their own imprint, Passarella Death Squad deliver the powerful single Creatures with remixes from Heka Trax boss Nightwave and American producer D'Marc Cantu.

London’s Passarella Death Squad return again with music on the ever-exciting Passarella Records. Led by Danny Passarella, the reputable group has previously released on Perc Trax, The Republic Of Desire and Days Of Being Wild, while also manning one of London’s top cult clothing brands. Passarella Death Squad have described their own music as "a diverse combination of contemporary electronica and haunting beautiful songs" and their "Creatures" EP is exactly that. Joining them on remix duties are Dext and Fool’s Gold producer Nightwave, as well as Nation and MOS affiliate D’Marc Cantu.

"Creatures" presents a sinister, yet infectious bassline groove resting under pumping drums and the maleficent vocals of Emilie Albisser. Glasgow’s Nightwave’s version offers heavier drums, with the melody split between metallic synths and malleable sine waves, while D’Marc Cantu delivers unyielding techno drum grooves with squelchy acid bass.

Passarella Death Squad - Creatures
Release Date
April 2019
Label Passarella Records

1. Creatures
2. Creatures (Nightwave Remix)
3. Creatures (D’Marc Cantu Remix)

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