Crafted LP by Madato. Photo by: Francesco Esposito
PHOTO BY Francesco Esposito

Crafted LP by Madato


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Tue. 1st of Sep 2015 URL Bookmark

The full-length features a blend of techno, electronica, rock and disco inspired sounds with post-punk influences. This is long-awaited Crafted by Madato.

It's been just over three years since Madato dropped his well received 'Portraits EP' on Items & Things, after being discovered by the label founders Magda, Marc Houle and Troy Pierce. This time around, he comes unabashed as he debuts his first true long player, 'Crafted'.

From start to finish, the album exudes a clever boldness, as techno, disco, rock and electronica freely intertwine, creating unique, dancefloor gems. Tracks 'Last Virgin' and '17 Miles' exude a penchant for Rock'n'Roll and Dub aesthetics, combining crunchy guitar riffs and low slung bass, laid under blasts of spaced out echoes and super slick vocals.

'Oh Lover' and 'My Fellini' lean further into the realm of techno as Madato constructs finely tuned, psychedelic burners, staying true to his sound through live instrumentation.

Out of all the individual concepts on the album, it's 'G-Boys' that seems to incorporate all them into one fluid piece. Freaky vocals and guitar licks meet four to the floor grooves and a quivering bassline, creating a tune that is as much punk rock as it is house music.

Each individual piece stands alone on it's own merit and authenticity, but when grouped together into a package, it is a genuinely executed and incredibly cohesive vision come to life.

Madato - Crafted LP
Release date 11th September 2015
Label Items & Things

1. Last Virgin
2. Magic
3. 17 Miles
4. Make A Chick
5. Ultra
6. Oh Lover
7. My Fellini
8. Leg In Plaster
9. G-Boys
10. Reflection
11. Positiveland

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