Complicated Issues by Marla Singer. Photo by: Bipolar Disorder
PHOTO BY Bipolar Disorder

Complicated Issues by Marla Singer


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Thu. 21st of Feb 2019 URL Bookmark

French producer Marla Singer returns to Bipolar Disorder to release an emphatic techno EP entitled Complicated Issues with remixes from Vienna's Codex Empire and Arts Collective's Introversion.

Since the end of 2014 Marla Singer has been a very busy man having released an abundance of quality music on labels like Nachstrom Schallplatten and Planet Rhythm Records and, as well as playing gigs all over Europe. His sound is said to be heavily influenced by Oscar Mulero, Exium, Tommy Four Seven and Kwartz, and "Complicated Issues" is certainly reflective of that.

One half of the former experimental band Konstruktivists, Codex Empire joins the release on remix duties, in addition to Arts Collective regular Introversion. This will be the third instalment of Bipolar Disorder’s vinyl only side of the label following releases from Opuswerk, Opål, not to mention remixes from Inland and Antigone.

Murky oscillations, thumping kicks and growling resonance take the focus in "Complicated Issues" before Codex Empire’s remix delivers machine-like atmospherics with rumbling low-end and screechy melodies.

On the flip, "Go Again" offers winding synth flutters balanced with obscure oscillations and rattling percussion until Introversion’s remix throws down breaks tinged percussion, angelic pads and emotive break downs which harmonise creating a euphoric ambience.

Marla Singer - Complicated Issues
Release Date
January/February 2019
Label Bipolar Disorder

1. Complicated Issues
2. Complicated Issues (Codex Empire Remix)
3. Go Again
4. Go Again (Introversion Remix)

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