Coco Beware EP by Rhymos. Photo by: Turquoise Blue Recordings
PHOTO BY Turquoise Blue Recordings

Coco Beware EP by Rhymos


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Thu. 16th of Jul 2015 URL Bookmark

Northern England's Turquoise Blue Recordings returns with the Coco Beware EP coming courtesy of U.K artist Rhymos.

Aaron Binstead aka Rhymos is a rising talent coming out of the UK with releases on DJ W!ld’s Catwash imprint, Geddes’ Murmur Records and Overall Music and support coming from BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong, Huxley, Laura Jones and Kate Simko. Here we see Rhymos welcomed onto the Turquoise Blue roster, following the footsteps of global talents such as Alex Arnout, John Dimas, Djebali and Phonogenic.

‘Hoop Scotch’ opens up the release and sees Rhymos deliver a stripped-back, dub infused number fulled by echoing stab hits, sparse, swinging percussion and a protruding low end drive. ‘Mummas Kumquat’ follows and take things a little deeper with hypnotic ethereal textures and loose drums, while an underlying acid tinged vibe instills a darker edge to the composition.

Opening up the latter half of things is title cut ‘Coco Beware’ which tips the focus over to a percussive, groove-led feel for the dance floor, bringing modulating drum hits and echoing atmospheres into the limelight as a bumpy square wave hook meanders around them. Finally to shape up the package we have ‘Whistleblower’ which reverts back to dubby realms with fluttering synth sweeps and low-slung drums.

Rhymos - Coco Beware EP
Release date 13th July 2015
Label Turquoise Blue Recordings

1. Hoop Scotch
2. Mummas Kumquat
3. Coco Beware
4. Whistleblower

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