Cantamon Ep by Hawke. Photo by: Gavin Hardkiss
PHOTO BY Gavin Hardkiss

Cantamon Ep by Hawke


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Sun. 26th of Jul 2015 URL Bookmark

Gavin Hardkiss returns to the Whiskey Pickle fold and dons his solo guise, Hawke, for a double header treat of balearic house workouts, with remixes from Steve Cobby and Walter Jones.


“Cantamon” is an extended jam that incorporates chirpy percussion, lush strings, and a live bass groove … top that off with some dubby female vocals and you have a serious winner. Steve Cobby steps up to lay down a whopping ten minute, acid-tribal groove of heaviness with his version of the track, and its something that certainly should not be taken lightly.

Flip it over and we have “Baltimore Boston Express”, a hypnotic groover that bears the obvious hallmarks and quirks of a Hardkiss brother. Its choppy vocal samples and vintage arpeggios create a deep groove that is ominous and relentless. Wrapping things up another luminary returns to Whiskey Pickle: Walter Jones. His I–95 Remix features a thundering bottom end and boat-loads of swagger.

Hawke - Cantamon
Release date 28th July 2015
Label Whiskey Pickle

1. Cantamon (Vox Remix)
2. Cantamon (Steve Cobby Remix)
3. Baltimore Boston Express
4. Baltimore Boston Express (Wally's I-95 Remix)


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