Ben Sims presents Tribology. Photo by: Ben Sims

Ben Sims presents Tribology


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
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Tribology is the first mix compilation from UK techno-legend Ben Sims since his triumphant fabric compilation in 2015 and is his debut for his and Kirk Degiorgio’s Machine imprint/party series.

Taking in a blistering 50 exclusive tracks from the likes of James Ruskin, Steffi, Robert Hood and Planetary Assault Systems as well as material from up and comers like Blasha & Allatt, Charles Green and Alienata, "Tribology" sums up Sims attitudes and approaches to DJing perfectly.

A running theme of Sims’ recent career is a strong focus on new music. Machine, his and Degiorgio’s nights which have become a global phenomenom in the past six years, was originally set up to counter the techno old guard’s stale obsessions with tried and tested classics. The Londoner’s monthly Run it Red radio show on NTS occupies a similar remit, only featuring music he’s laid his hands on since the last show, whether it be from personal contacts, promos or record shopping. "Tribology" follows the theme, providing a snapshot of where techno is right now through the eyes of a DJ who has always explored the length and breadth of the genre.

With 50 tracks in 90 minutes, "Tribology" is pretty much how you’ll experience a Ben Sims club set. Each track, from the brooding grooves of opener "Magnetar" by Vril to the epic textures of Kirk Degiorgio’s closer "The Interest", is overlayed and manipulated by Sims across three decks, creating a dense collage of a mix. Whether it’s the tonal hypnotics of Jeroen Search or Function, the clambering grit of Planetary Assault Systems, Ruskin and Rod or the machine-funk pound of Sims, both on his own cuts and his edit of Robert Hood’s unreleased "Gun Talk", the mix slickly transitions from compliment to contrast throughout.

Various Artists - Ben Sims presents Tribology
Release Date
December 2018
Label Machine

00.00. VRIL - Magnetar
01.27. Function - Introversion
03.10. DJ Deep (feat. Kerri Chandler) - The Machine
04.16. Museum - Mango
06.05. Tadeo - Releasing Focus
08.46. Albert Chiovenda - Prototype 454 (Ben Sims JFF Edit)
10.14. Ben Gibson - Mutability
13.12. Ø [Phase] - Distorted Logic
14.05. Z.I.P.P.O - Covenant
16.25. Oscar Mulero - The Calling
17.24. Biemsix - Gestio 2
19.20. Jeroen Search – Vector Sum
22.05. Insolate - Strike
22.57. Stef Mendesidis - Sairex
24.24. Cadans - Bite
26.35. Charles Green - Musikbox
29.36. Avision - Rebel
31.18. Mark Broom - Outside
32.16. Mike Gervais - Slink
34.40. Jeroen Search - Ostinato Pattern
35.09. VRIL - Field
38.03. ASSAILANTS - Effort 7 (Demo Mix)
40.13. SP-X - Concrete Faces
42.33. Marco Bruno - Any Given Sunday
45.13. Tripeo - Sequoia
46.32. Planetary Assault Systems - The Grinder
48.13. George Tounisidis - Pithoprakta
50.09. ROD - Embase
51.50. Damon Wild - Statu
53.02. Tasha - In The Zone
53.59. Blasha & Allatt - Broughton 93
55.26. Mark Broom - Peak
57.06. Mark Broom - Loop It
59.02. Mike Storm - Subsequent actions
1.01.00. Mike Gervais - Solo
1.03.09. Biemsix - The Payback
1.04.51. Psyk - Voyager
1.07.49. James Ruskin - TZR
1.10.01. Truncate - Rings V1
1.11.39. Ritzi Lee - Sketch Take 7
1.13.19. Shinedoe - Road 777 (Ben Sims Unreleased remix)
1.14.45. Ben Sims - Hiding The Horizon
1.16.26. Julien H Mulder - The Depths
1.18.20. Steffi - Gentle Uplift
1.19.46. Alienata - The 8th Passenger
1.21.40. Museum - Viola Hold
1.22.52. Ben Sims - Drop Out
1.23.35. Marcel Fengler - Cortex
1.25.15. Robert Hood - Gun Talk (Ben Sims JFF Edit)
1.27.37. Kirk Degiorgio - The Interest

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