Ben Sims pres Ron Bacardi. Photo by: Ben Sims

Ben Sims pres Ron Bacardi


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Tue. 3rd of Nov 2015 URL Bookmark

UK techno stalwart Ben Sims adopts his Ron Bacardi alias for an outing on Bass Culture Records, bringing with him three varying slices of 4×4-based music.

D’Julz has a deep penchant for bass and funk, and this is evident throughout the EP. We get off to a rugged start with ‘Rock Your Body’, a deliciously dark slice of grumbling techno. Intertwined with the morose bassline is a mysterious, tribal-esque female vocal, warped and twisted to add a primal feel to the track.

On the flip, Bacardi puts his different hat on giving us ‘First Effort’ - a vivacious funk-laced hybrid, which teases you spitting out intermittent trumpets and other such live instruments. Finally, ‘The Money’ goes straight into disco territory with that oh-so-familiar entrancing rhythm that will keep you fixed to its beat from start to finish. That filtered wah-wah guitar is impossible to resist, especially when combined with such crisp percussion.

Ben Sims pres Ron Bacardi
Release Date 6th November 2015
Label Bass Culture Records

1. Rock Your Body
2. First Effort
3. The Money

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