Anagram presents Phasing Faces Vol. 1. Photo by: Anagram Label
PHOTO BY Anagram Label

Anagram presents Phasing Faces Vol. 1


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Thu. 19th of Jan 2017 URL Bookmark

Sinfol readies a two-part release on his Anagram Label featuring Anetha, Elad Magdasi and Dävide with the Phasing Faces Vol. 1.


Curated by Amsterdam’s Sinfol, Volume 1 of ‘Phasing Faces’ will feature himself alongside Italy’s Dävide, Berlin’s Elad Magdasi and Parisian producer Anetha.

Sinfol’s ominous ‘Trembling’ lays down a cacophony of sounds whilst a mesmerizing voice operates on top. The ethereal and rhythmic ‘Ono’ from Dävide then introduces soaring synths and various spectral nuances before Work Them Records producer and Blocaus resident Anetha’s ‘Acid Train’ lives up to its name with an infectious 303 and ravey stabs. Tying things together, Front Left Records’ Elad Magdasi’s ‘Two Floors’ closes off the release in an epic manner with thudding kicks and otherworldly melodies.

Various Artists - Phasing Faces Vol. 1
Release Date 31st January 2017
Label Anagram Label

Part 1
1. Sinfol - Trembling
2. Dävide - Ono
3. Anetha - Acid Train
4. Elad Magdasi - Two Floors

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