Alt Skjedde Jaela Fort (LP) by Christian Tilt. Photo by: Christian Tilt
PHOTO BY Christian Tilt

Alt Skjedde Jaela Fort (LP) by Christian Tilt


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Mon. 19th of Sep 2016 URL Bookmark

Bergen’s Christian Tilt returns to the Norwegian label PLOINK with his debut album Alt Skejedde Jæla Fort this September.

Norwegian Christian Tilt’s dedication to techno over the last two decades has securely placed him in high ranks to play alongside the likes of the Zenker Brothers, Margaret Dygas and PLOINK label head Thomas Urv at clubs such as Berghain, Jaeger and Østre - all in the last year. Here though we see Christian Tilt make a return to PLOINK for a second time with a five track LP comprised of an intricate cross-section of syncopated rhythms and dubbed-out techno.

‘Dos Were The Days’ slowly builds hi-hats and punchy kick drums, before a deep-synth melody drives the composition forward. Up next is the stripped back ‘BTL’ that combines otherworldly aesthetics with a steady bass rattle throughout, before the gritty ‘A Visit From France’ unleashes a dark low-end, murky synth drones and frantic pad sequences.

A relentless 9 minute affair titled ‘I Only Work Late Nights’ then swells and pulsates over an unremitting beat, before ‘Øreverk’ rounds off the package with frenzied clangs, muted hits and rhythmic percussion.

Christian Tilt - Alt Skjedde Jaela Fort (LP)
Release Date 5th September 2016
Label Ploink

1. Dos Were The Day
2. BTL
3. A Visit From France
4. I Only Work Late Nights
5. Øreverk

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