Allee Der Kosmonauten by Rodion. Photo by: Nein Records
PHOTO BY Nein Records

Allee Der Kosmonauten by Rodion


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Sat. 13th of Feb 2016 URL Bookmark

This is a wild package that once again offers a tantalising glimpse into the sure to be excellent forthcoming Rodion LP. This is Allee Der Kosmonauten.

Nein Records is proud to present ‘Allee Der Kosmonauten’, a second single from the Italian master Rodion's forthcoming Generator album. Remix duties are taken on by Lauer, one half of Tuff City Guys and an acclaimed producer in his own right, and label regular Heretic, who is in a fine run of form.

Italian Rodion makes freaked out music for the fringes of the dance floor. Full of Nordic cosmic vibes and filtered French synth funk, his sound is inspired by horror soundtracks and classical music as much as anything else. He releases on Meant, AstroLab and Nang among others, and excitement is really building for his next LP.  

Rodion and his band have made an essential and epic eight minute dance classic here, full of dark creatures of the night that howl as you journey to the stars amongst vocoders and long spacey refrains. Synths race and shoot past this most colourful trip and just when you think the adventure is over, it blasts off into deep space for one final hurrah. It is left of centre disco for late night freaks, and no mistake.

On his remix, Lauer takes the track to an acid laced place deep in the cosmos, with dark pulsing synths battling tribal drums.  Deeper and more sensuous than the original, it is a colourful track that cannot fail to make you move.

Heretic, meanwhile, who is also known for his Eskimo Twins moniker, is no starter to odd ball disco. His remix is full of crunchy drums and frenetic rhythms that lead dancers through the stars and off into the vortex.

Rodion - Allee Der Kosmonauten
Release Date 25th January 2016
Label Nein Records

1. Allee Der Kosmonauten (Original Mix)
2. Allee Der Kosmonauten (Lauer Remix)
3. Allee Der Kosmonauten (Heretic Mix)

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