Emanuel Satie. Photo by: Kreativkopf
PHOTO BY Kreativkopf

All Things Go EP by Emanuel Satie


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Wed. 4th of Mar 2015 URL Bookmark

Audiojack's Gruuv Recordings label is set to release Emanuel Satie's All Things Go EP and it's backed up with a remix from the label founders themselves.

Gruuv Recordings said "We're very pleased to inaugurate rising star Emanuel Satie to the Gruuv family, a young German artist whom we've been following since his Gold EP on Get Physical pricked our ears up last summer."

Growing up in Frankfurt, Emanuel Satie has spent his youth soaking up the cities rich musical heritage, which has helped cultivate his talent, and with a traineeship at Cocoon under his belt too he's acquired all the tools needed to secure his place in the underground music scene.
The EP was made as the result of an urge to step away from the more synth based instrumental style that he’d been doing a lot of and create something more soulful and sample based. He draws on his musical roots in Motown and Hip-hop to provide three fresh cuts of classy house music.     
As soon as these tracks landed on Gruuv's doorstep they listened and signed them on the spot, a rare treat to get a 100% hit rate. They then decided that they really wanted to remix ‘All Things Go’ too; with such cool sample sections to play with it was just crying out for some of the old school sample cutting that’s been a big influence in our music.

Emanuel Satie - All Things Go EP
Release date 9th March 2015
Label Gruuv Recordings

1. All Things Go
2. All Things Go (Audiojack’s Floorworker)
3. To The Roots
4. Do It

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