Maurice Aymard. Photo by: Galaktika Records
PHOTO BY Galaktika Records

Air by Maurice Aymard


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Tue. 24th of Mar 2015 URL Bookmark

Maurice Aymard offers up Air via his very own Galaktika Records. It is backed with two remixes from Pezzner and one from Ben Las Desh.

Maurice Aymard launched the Galaktika Records imprint in 2005 and now ten years deep has released material from the likes of John Tejada, James Teej, Jay Shepheard and Sasse. Here Maurice makes a return to his imprint with some fresh material following his album project and other offerings on Moodmusic and Acumen’s Thrill Of It, this time his new single comes accompanied by remixes from two household names in house music, Pezzner and Ben La Desh.

Opening up the release is the original mix of ‘Air’ from Aymard, a seven-minute funk infused number employing natural bass licks, bumpy rhythms and tumbling synth sequences running alongside whirring synthesized drones and sporadic spoken word vocal hooks from Maurice himself.

Pezzner’s ‘Shallow Remix’ steps up next and the stateside producer treats us to his typically raw and infectious style with crunchy drums, rumbling sub bass tones and mind bending synth blips vacillating throughout its six and half minute duration.

Let’s Play House artist Ben La Desh then takes things a little deeper with is take on ‘Air’, laying the focus on ethereal atmospherics, jazzy percussive elements and dubbed out bass licks before Pezzner returns with his ‘Daytime TV Version’ to round things off, delivering a low-slung and contrastingly deep remix in comparison with loose drums and murky pad lines running throughout.

Maurice Aymard - Air
Release date 18th May 2015
Label Galaktika Records

1. Air
2. Air (Pezzner Shallow Remix)
3. Air (Ben La Desh Remix)
4. Air (Pezzner Daytime TV Version)

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Maurice Aymard



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