Bunte Bummler. Photo by: Bunte Bummler
PHOTO BY Bunte Bummler

Aesub EP by Bunte Bummler


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Sun. 1st of Mar 2015 URL Bookmark

Bunte Bummler are somewhat described as whizzes of the groove. Their productions are clean and rather minimal, yet filled with warmth.


The Mannheim born duo has had a profound influence on the electronic music scene. After super-hot releases on 8 Bit, Mono, Defected, Hottrax and Serkal, they are now releasing on the rather interesting Baile Musik imprint from Frankfurt, Germany.

The Bummler’s contributions Aesub and E Yo E Yo demand celebration and for this reason they’ve rounded up an impressive posse of producers who know how take their cues from these remarkable productions.

Aesub is exemplary for the Bummler’s current production mood. It represents exceptionally good and perfect view of the Bummlers current production mood. A clean and groovy minimal techno track with female vocals and a hot analogue bass line to us sounds like an excellent recipe.

Baile Musik veteran Monika Ross presents an effective, slightly different take on Aesub that places special emphasis on smoothness and the warmth of the track. E Yo E Yo as the B-side is something quite different and could almost be described as a kind of rattling, slow groove with an atmosphere so interesting that only few producers can create something like it with such ease and joy.

Silat Beksi needs no introduction. Always inventive, always determined, always independent, he belongs to the new breed of truly exceptional producers. His productions are reminders of the good old Arpiar Sound – dark, repetitive, simple, yet at the same time verily effective. And his E Yo E Yo remix is no exception from his decisive style of production.

Bunte Bummler - Aesub EP
Release date February 2015
Label Baile Musik

A1. Bunte Bummler - Aesub (Original Mix)
A2. Bunte Bummler - Aesub (Monika Ross Remix)
B1. Bunte Bummler - E Yo E Yo (Original Mix)
B2. Bunte Bummler - E Yo E Yo (Silat Beksi Remix)

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