Abstract Nature LP (Remixes) by Satoshi Tomiie. Photo by: Renaissance
PHOTO BY Renaissance

Abstract Nature LP (Remixes) by Satoshi Tomiie


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Thu. 10th of Aug 2017 URL Bookmark

Following the release of his "New Day" LP in 2015, Satoshi Tomiie assembles a number of respected producers for remixes, including Maayan Nidam, Fred P, Ron Trent, DJ Sneak and more.

Reflecting on a longstanding career and a myriad of accolades that make him one of house music’s most celebrated protagonists, Satoshi Tomiie could easily rest on his laurels, however the credible Japanese producer continues to raise the bar. His ‘New Day’ album saw the renowned artist present twelve effervescent tracks; a refreshing musical milestone that demonstrates a pristine side to the established producer.

Whilst a handful of the remixes have already been released as vinyl only samplers via Abstract Architecture, the full remix album sees the addition of Maayan Nidam, Hugo LX and Pablo Mateo, as well as alternative versions by Ron Trent and Dj Sneak.

Perlon’s Maayan Nidam provides two different renditions of ‘New Day’; her Saturated remix is a showcase of intricate sound design, unravelling a medley of percussive details alongside syncopated kicks, vocal murmurs and soothing chords, whereas her Eggshells remix is gloomier in comparison, with its sullen bassline and ethereal synths.

Esoteric French producer Hugo LX then reimagines ‘Momento Magico’ into a jazz heavy cut with profound chords and infectious closed hats, before Berlin’s Pablo Mateo - who’s been making waves with releases on Uncage and Die Orakel - provides his own mesmerising take on ‘New Day’.

Dj Sneak’s adaptation of ‘0814’ exhibits his signature bumpy groove with solid drums and an infectious rhythm, whilst Ron Trent’s refined reconstruction of ‘Thursday, 2am’ stays true to his reputation as one of the true masters of deep house with its smooth and compelling aesthetic.

Satoshi Tomiie - Abstract Nature LP (Remixes)
Release Date
August 2017
Label Abstract Architecture

1. New Day (Maayan Nidam Saturated Remix) *
2. Landscape (Fred P Reshape)
3. Thursday, 2AM (Ron Trent 7 AM Dub) *
4. Nature Abstraite (Satoshi Tomiie Epiphenomena Remix)
5. Momento Magico (Hugo LX Remix) *
6. New Day (Pablo Mateo Remix) *
7. Landscape (Satoshi Tomiie Remix)
8. 0814 (Cab Drivers Remix 2)
9. Nature Abstract (Brawther’s Forbidden Remix)
10. 0814 (Dj Sneak Unreleased Remix) *
11. Sinfonia (Bonus Strings Tool)
12. New Day (Maayan Nidam Eggshells Remix) *

* currently unreleased

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