803 Crystalgrooves 002 by Cinthie. Photo by: Petr Kopal Photography
PHOTO BY Petr Kopal Photography

803 Crystalgrooves 002 by Cinthie


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Wed. 19th of Dec 2018 URL Bookmark

Following the label launch in October, Cinthie returns with the second release on her fledgling 803 Crystalgrooves imprint, this time four up-tempo originals from the Berlin native.

Producer, DJ, founder of many labels, record store-owner and radio personality, Cinthie has grown to become a highly respected figure in the contemporary electronic music scene over the years and her most recent venture, 803 Crystalgrooves, kicked off in October to critical acclaim. The imprint stands as a platform to present productions inspired by her beginnings in House and Techno and while the debut focused on Disco-tinged House, here we see things edge towards darker more raw territory, dubbed as the "bad little sister of 001" by Cinthie...

"Push It" leads on the package with a stripped-back drum groove made up of a crunchy clap, sharp hats and a weight kick while squelchy 303 licks and vocal shots uttering the track title drive the composition. "The Worm" follows, this time featuring a high-octane drum workout, subtly unfolding synth flutters and an underlying low-end drive.

Opening the flip is "Boomboomroundtheroom" employing dusty drums, frenzied synth stabs and gritty bass chops, a cut harkening back to the most robust sounds coming out of Chicago in the 90’s. "Peep Peep" then rounds out the release with vacillating resonant bleeps, bumpy shuffled drums and a dynamically evolving structure.

Cinthie - 803 Crystalgrooves 002
Release Date
January 2019
Label 803 Crystalgrooves

1. PushIt
2. TheWorm
3. Boomboomroundtheroom
4. PeepPeep

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