39 Times (Confrontation) by Chaney. Photo by: Skint Records
PHOTO BY Skint Records

39 Times (Confrontation) by Chaney


Author Mathias Haegglund in Music for Evlear
Published Fri. 29th of Mar 2019 URL Bookmark

Chaney is an exciting young artist from Swindon who is here to save your weekend with his latest massive offering on Skint Records.

This new label signee is just 20 years old and mixes up Hacienda attitude with Mike Skinner wit. He throws his own pub raves, has played drums in his brother’s band, and is a proven song writer behind cult hits like "Let U Know". As a remixer he has made his name with reworking of the likes of Tom Walker and Camden Cox and is set to feature on the next Seeb record. He has a hardcore love of his middle of nowhere hometown and makes music that, "downtrodden dreamers of satellite towns" can connect with.

The single here "39 Times (Confrontation)" is a fantastic slice of timeless house music with all the soul and oomph of Boo Williams or Glenn Underground. Disco loops, diva vocals and blistering kick drums all pump you up and ooze genuine soul and authentic house heart.

This is a standout single that is the start of huge things to come from this proud Swindon talent.

Chaney - 39 Times (Confrontation)
Release Date March 2019
Label Skint Records

1. 39 Times (Confrontation)
2. 39 Times (Confrontation) (Extended Mix)

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