Moscow Not Safari by The Emperor Machine

Skint Records offer up a final selection of vital versions of one more track from The Emperor Machine's standout recent album. Following the same format as previous singles, there is an Extended Mix, Version 54, and Warehouse Jam.

Moscow Not Safari by The Emperor Machine Photo by Skint Records
Endless Possibilities

Music Not Safari landed in March and was jam-packed with luxurious and ebullient tunes stuffed with glorious synth work, live studio wizardry, and plenty of the tricks that UK mainstay Andy Meecham has used throughout his career. His tough edged and psyched-out disco beats have come on DFA, Phantasy, and Skint Records, while before that he was part of the acid house movement as Bizarre Inc. and latterly Chicken Lips. He is an artist who never sits still and can take the same track in myriad different, equally compelling directions, as these latest versions prove quite categorically.

"Moscow Not Safari" is built on a filthy bassline that rumble beneath elastic pads and stiff chord sequences that ride up and down the scale. It is a sleazy disco of the highest order with this Extended Mix drawing out that rubbery, rasping bassline and taking you on a real journey through space, with withering chords and lively percussion all bursting out of the speakers.

"Version 54" is an eight-minute epic with singing synths bringing a cool sense of retro-future funk. Squelchy bass adds a subtle hint of boogie and the whole thing pops off in many different directions at once, with color and charm to spare. Last of all, the darker and more physical "Warehouse Jam" has thundering claps and oodles of echo tied to a broken, jerking beat that demands you move. It's sweatier and more suited to the dead of night and rounds out a diverse package in fine style. 

The Emperor Machine - Moscow Not Safari
Release Date August 2020
Label Skint Records

01. Moscow Not Safari (Extended Mix)
02. Moscow Not Safari (Version 54)
03. Moscow Not Safari (Warehouse Jam)

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