Moonbeam presents Space Odyssey

Fresh from releasing singles that have pumped through sound systems the world over and weave seamlessly from thick-bellied atmospheric techno to dense charging trance.

Moonbeam presents Space Odyssey Photo by Black Hole Recordings
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Brothers Pavel and Vitaly Khavleev a.k.a. Moonbeam, can count themselves amongst the biggest music exponents of Russian dance music, storming into DJ Magazine’s Top100 Poll last year. The two continue to widen their sonic arc for their debut compilation album “Space Odyssey” on Black Hole Recordings with a fabric of different styles.

Fresh from releasing singles that have pumped through sound systems the world over and weave seamlessly from thick-bellied atmospheric techno to dense charging trance, Moonbeam’s debut compilation “Space Odyssey” chronicles their strong yearn to erase genre-fied boundaries between the somewhat vast depths of techno, trance and electronica. With a rise to fame so quick it would make a reality TV star blush, the pair are now solidified into a force that finds itself right on the pulse of sonic innovation.

From the smoky, ethereal CD1 intro of Avis Fox – “Doors Opened Inside”, Moonbeam’s precise mixing takes us through bubbling minimalism to a climbing sizzling ascension of their exclusive Tiesto remix “Love Comes Again” before the listener is soon softly and bravely comforted by Nick Chargill’s “Morning Light”. Constructed with a framework of tightly programmed deep techno, CD 1 moves through trance-esqe melodies and a vast breadth of fizzing sweeps and euphoric vocals.

The pumping aesthetic body of Sound Quelle – “Light Beam” lifts the mix with maximum anthemic qualities before Moonbeam’s “Star Way” almost interrogates the drums into an arppegiated climax and allows the brothers massive standout remix of Depeche Mode’s – “Enjoy The Silence” to drop - Enough to send shivers down your spine. The electronic workout weaves original synth lines between an epic vocal throughout its ten-minute duration before the listener is treated to the soothing and mind expanding breakdown of “I Believe In Love” by Lion Love & Kochnev.

CD2 moves through progressive house scented with increasingly spacious sounds, with Moguai’s remix of “Song For A Girl” flowing uphill to the sirens of Rosie Romero – “Guru”. If you like your driving tech house to lock you into a groove, E-Spectro – “I Can Describe” and the percussive mutterings that Robbie Rivera creates with his Deadmau5 remix, keeps things deeply dramatic as the boys sweep through a more cosmic affair.

Across two cd’s the combination of Moonbeam’s youthful energetic experimentation and their pure personality in the DJ booth creates an undeniable effective burst of creativity. As it’s name suggests Space Odyssey tells a story, a story of a journey over two CD’s where from percussive rhythms and modulated baselines comes Moonbeam’s penchant for big room melodies and eerie vocals; all previously captured in their mesmerizing live performances.

Moonbeam presents Space Odyssey
Release date 27th September 2010
Label Black Hole Recordings


01. Avis Vox - Doors Opened Inside (Special Venus Mix)
02. Tiesto feat. BT - Love Comes Again (Moonbeam Remix)
03. Nic Chagall - Morning Light (Remixed)
04. Marsbeing & Ange - Perfect Moon (Original Mix)
05. Sound Quelle - Light Beam
06. Moonbeam feat. Avis Vox - Star Way (Club Mix)
07. FreddySlav - Bewitching Decline
08. Memento feat. Ken Spector - Enjoy The Silence (Original Mix)
09. Exclusiv J - After Midnight (Original Mix)
10. Plato with Jette Von Roth - The Ashes Of Our Dreams (Mossy Remix)
11. Lion Love & Kochnev - I Believe In Love
12. Spartaque - Raise Me

01. Andrew Salsano & JF Sebastian feat. Jayn Hanna - Walking On Fire (Original Mix)
02. J-Soul - Cry Of Clouds
03. Moonbeam ft. Blackfeel Wite - Song For A Girl (Moguai Remix)
04. Rosie Romero - Guru (Original Mix)
05. The Crystal Method - Sine Language (Moonbeam Remix)
06. E-Spectro - I Can Describe (DP-6 Remix)
07. Deadmau5 - Clockwork (Robbie Rivera Juicy Ibiza Edit)
08. Gianluigi Di Russo - Sound Wave (Dark Vocal Mix)
09. Freska - Jolly Is Upstairs
10. Shades Of Gray - I Want Some More
11. Tvardovsky - Above Zero
12. Steve Kaetzel - Aurora

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