Mixtape by Varsity Star

Varsity Star continues to build towards his stunning new mini-album More Than Anything with the track Mixtape, the third single from it.

Mixtape by Varsity Star Art by Small Pond Records
Endless Possibilities

American musician Varsity Star made a name for himself as a sideman playing upright bass in a number of different bands and live acts across multiple genres. The Brooklyn-based, Boston-born artist has played with the Saturday Night Live band as well as playing in basements, churches, and with the likes of Ruen Brothers and Adreinne Lenker. After deciding to focus on solo music-making and learning the ropes on a synth and Ableton, he has remixed for DJ Planet Express and Inwards as well as putting out various varied EPs and mini-LPs over the last few years.

The superb single "Mixtape" is an immediately alluring piece of music thanks to the lush harmonic chords that quickly melt your heart. Underneath, increasingly manic break beats vie for your attention before falling away and then rebuilding. There is a duality between their raw energy and the soft, cuddly feeling of the synths that keeps you locked in, dancing yet daydreaming at the same time.

This is another hugely original track and a great signifier of the stylish mini-album to come.

Varsity Star - Mixtape
Release Date October 2021
Label Small Pond Records

01. Mixtape

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