Martino EP by Asa Moto

Asa Moto returns to Soulwax's DEEWEE imprint with the Martino EP this Autumn.

Martino EP by Asa Moto Photo by Anton Fayle
Endless Possibilities

Since debuting on Soulwax's imprint, DEEWEE in 2016, the Belgian duo have steadily released a series of acclaimed EPs across the last five years. Now with their fourth installment for the label, "Martino EP", Asa Moto serves up some of their most refined work to date, expertly disregarding genre boundaries and conventions for an eclectic blend of off-kilter yet highly considered sounds grounded by sublime pop sensibilities.

Now, on "Martino EP", Asa Moto's analog mastery is on full display, pushing the production boundaries of their expansive collection of equipment. The first track "Connexion à Liege", a song about a night drive from Ghent to Liège, combines trippy delays and lush vocoder work across pastel synths for a laidback start to the EP. Lead single ‘Cacao' sees the duo craft a chugging instrumental peppered with stereo FX and vocals as the track evolves into a floaty synth-driven affair.

"Missing Teeth" investigates the mystery of the duo's local bakery owner's teeth, flipping their confusion into an oddball dance-friendly jam, while "Veleda" brings delicate synth work, modulating hardware, and hard-hitting drums. Closing track "My Body" forgoes percussion of any kind, with the duo twisting their own vocals into a tongue and cheek acapella, described in their own words as "our contribution (and solution) to the war against the war on drugs".

Asa Moto is a regular fixture on the European touring circuit including support for Soulwax's "From DEEWEE" album tour. As astute selectors, they operate a bi-monthly radio show in Brussels on Kiosk Radio, ranging from obscure jazz records to contemporary electronic cuts. Asa Moto has re-adapted their unmistakable strain of body music into a live show which premiered on the main stage of the Lokerse Feesten 2019 and at the 40th anniversary of Ancienne Belgique, Brussels. In 2020 they co-produced and mixed the Grammy-nominated Turkish band Altin Gun's follow-up album "Yol" and were recently asked to produce their new LP, titled "Âlem", which is out now.

Asa Moto - Martino EP
Release Date August 2021

01. Connexion à Liege
02. Cacao
03. Missing Teeth
04. Veleda
05. In My Body

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