Maharaja (Talvin Singh Remix) by Otm Shank

LA-based artist Otm Shank invites Talvin Singh to remix the track Maharaja from his Who is Otm Shank? album on Pinkturban this autumn.

Maharaja (Talvin Singh Remix) by Otm Shank Photo by Pinkturban
Endless Possibilities

Otm Shank launched his Los Angeles-based world-inspired electronic music record label and event series, Pinkturban with his debut dance-floor monster single, "Ravish". Otm offers a unique blend of Indian Classical and bass-heavy dance music, embellished with warm, exotic, and quirky Eastern instrumentation, in a genre he calls "Indian Techno-Funk".

Earlier in 2021, Otm released his debut tabla-inspired album, "Who is Otm Shank?", and invites a remix from percussionist, producer, and composer, Talvin Singh who is renowned for creating the bridge between Indian and electronic music. Singh's debut album, "OK", achieved huge acclaim and won Singh the Mercury Music Prize in 1999 and 2015; he was honored with the South Bank Award for popular music and awarded an OBE for services to music.

Within Talvin's remix of "Maharaja", he draws inspiration from the classical Indian arts and sculpts a unique sonic landscape in trademark fashion. The hypnotic rhythms fuse harmoniously the warm bass shimmers and breezy pads sitting gracefully underneath.

Otm Shank - Maharaja (Talvin Singh Remix)
Release Date September 2021
Label Pinkturban

1. Maharaja (Talvin Singh Remix)

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